Wall Of Fame

Infant Meat Shield might have turned out to be nothing but a wild dream of some poor musicians if it wasn’t for the necessary help and support. We therefore would like to express our sincere thanks to the following people for helping us out in the earliest stage and making all of this possible.

First of all we have to thank Rick Strik for offering us a great place to practice. He knows what bands need and how to provide that! The vocals and drum tracks on our debut EP Dead Age are also recorded at his rehearsal complex. Endless gratitude for lending us your drum recording equipment, Rick!

For the non-musical part of creativity our thanks go out to Mieke Stuiver. She’s been cool enough to listen to our rotten ideas and transform them into a painting which is now known as our first album art. Thank you Mieke for a good job and fast delivery!

The website you are now, and hopefully more often will be, visiting is developed and maintained by Christian Kolling. Way too kind of you to do this just out of support and for the hell of it, dude! Huge thumbs up for the fast uploads of contents as well. It’s highly appreciated.

It’s time we salute our brother in crime, Dennis van Putten. Not just because his constant flow of inspiration enlightens our burden of the writing process, but most of all for his endless patience during the recording and mixing processes. Our deepest respect for all you did, Dennis! We know we were a pain in the ass. Sorry for that..

And then we’re left to thank all of you, you fellow metalheads! Special thanks to the fans keeping the scene alive by organizing shows or festivals, booking bands, running venues or promoting it. And of course the ones playing in bands. Finally we deeply thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in our band. It’s a great honour to us!


Infant Meat Shield