It was the springtime of 2015 that gave birth to the luminous idea of forming a metal band with the purpose of putting forth our most beloved form of metal; some old school death! Not without some thrash influences though, but still everything old school. We’re all about bringing you brutal sounds!

The band is named after a ghetto habit of protecting oneself from bullets, tasers and truncheons of coppers by taping newborns to one’s chest. When dressed in an armour of babies, an arrest team will think twice before attacking a suspect.

Starting out very enthusiastically, after a while motivational levels appeared to differ among our members. Writing processes went smooth, leading to a set list in no-time, but unfortunately band progress stagnated. Now, after a few line-up changes, the latetst being a new drummer since end 2016, we finally and proudly present you a stable band which is eager to thrash a stage somewhere near you!

In 2017 we released our first EP, Dead Age, containing 5 terrifying pieces of mayhem. You can listen to and order it at Soon there will be physical CD’s to purchase on this website. Keep an eye on it!

We’d be pleased to meet you at one of our gigs!

Johnny Kolling – Vocals

Dorian Diks – Rhythm, Guitars

Dennis van Putten – Lead, Guitars

Raymond Aubri – Bass

Ronald Nijsingh – Drums